Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a business may sound a bit scary. I know, I have been there. Building almost any kind of business to a point where you have the freedom you are looking for is hard. It takes years, employees and lots of investment capital. Not to mention an amazing business idea and the development of great products or services.

That's not for everyone! That's why we are different! We eliminate the financial risk. You don't need employees. Not even when you are a multi million dollar company with income from 30 countries! In fact, you can build a multi million business from your kitchen table, without having to quit your day job, if you don't want to.

I have a busy life, not sure if I have the time...

We all have 24 hours a day, it's just a matter of how we prioritize to use them. You start your own business because you want something that's important for you, like more money, new positive challenges and helping others. And like anything in life, in order to do it properly and enjoy the results, you will need to prioritize your time.

If building your business is less important for you than whatever else you spend your time on today, then it's not for you. But if you are willing to set aside 10 hours or more a week, on your free time, you can build a great business after some months. And if you are in a situation where you can work more or less full time on your new business, you will be able to grow it much faster.

In any case, investing time now can result in you having time freedom later. When you constantly earn more in your new business than in your normal job, you should consider going "full time". For most people it means working less than in a normal job, where you decide your working hours and vacations. That's an important step towards TIME FREEDOM.

Are you willing to invest some extra time and energy now in order to get more time and money later, then you have the entrepreneurial mindset any business venture require.

I don't have a lot of money to invest in my own business

Most people have not, which is one of the reasons they never start their own business. And most traditional businesses (not this one) require a lot of money to get off the ground, often hundreds of thousands of dollars. And it does not stop there, you will have to pay your employees every month, not to mention the rent and other expenses.

That's one of the reasons for why this business is so much better. You have a mobile phone, right? Starting this business does not cost you more than buying a phone!

Some people have a $250 phone, others go for the flagship models that cost $1500 or so. You can start this business for a similar investment, within that range depending on your ambitions.

That's virtually NOTHING, no matter what you compare with. For this price you will get websites, your own international online store, complete training programs, a personal coach AND PRODUCTS. Just the products alone is worth more than what you invest.

So, for a minimal investment you can get started with a business that can turn into a multimillion international venture.

I understand it's hard to come up with e.g. $100.000 to start a traditional business. With us you can start something that can earn you much more, for less than 1% of that!

But yes, you do need to come up with the minimal cost to get started. If you cannot, this is not for you.

I'm not a sales person...

Most people don't like to sell, but everyone like to buy stuff they want and need. We offer people something they want and need! We neither want to or should hard sell anything to our prospects and customers.

What we do is to offer people information about products that we know can help them a lot, and also the possibility to become a business partner so they can earn money too.

Have you ever recommended someone you know a great movie you have seen, or a restaurant? You have, right? And you do it because you care about them, you want them to have the same great experience.

So what if you used some products that gave you much more energy, sleep better and made you look and feel younger. Would you keep it a secret? Or would you tell people you care about?

And what if you earned $5000 extra a month and someone you know could too? Would you tell them about it?

So what we basically do is to tell people about things that will enrich their lives. Things that will help them financially and health wise. And normally we do that by sending them a video that explains it all.

What if it don't work for me?

If you had started a traditional business with a $100,000 investment and it did not work, of course that would have been quite bad.

Our business works, if you work. However, if you choose not to follow our plan, not to learn from our weekly webinars, training videos and personal coaching and not to take action, it will not.

​The great thing is that you have only invested a few hundred dollars, including the products that you bought for wholesale price. So, worst case is that you have great products for your own health and wellness for a discounted price!

I don't know how to build websites and all the tech stuff...

No need for any of that. Everything you need is already built and ready for you. If you can open a website and send emails, you will be fine.

If you also have basic skills in using social media like Facebook and messenger apps like Messenger and WhatsApp, you are good to go.

Everything else we can easily teach you if needed. It's easy!

How much can I earn?

I started this business because I saw an huge income potential. Your monthly income is a reflection of the products sold via the network of customers and business partners you have created (you will learn how to do this).

Naturally, your income will grow as your network grows. In the beginning it might be a few hundred dollars a month, increasing to some thousands after a while. We have people today earning far more than $100,000 a month, even $250.000 a month!

You will be richly rewarded based on the sales volume in your network. And once it reaches a certain size, with satisfied product users that subscribe to the products, you will start to get what we call an RESIDUAL income.

This basically means an income coming every month based on a job you did once. It's the residual income that will give you time and financial freedom, after a while.

How fast? That's up to you. And that's one of the things we can talk about in the Discovery Call

Is this a "Get Rich Quick" thing....?

No, it's not. It's about building a serious business you will be proud of. It's a business that can pay you handsomely for the rest of your life.

If you are looking for a way to earn $10.000 next week, not caring how you do it and if it's there in a year from now... this is not for you.

If you have a long term perspective and want to build a SOLID business by doing the right things and proving real value to your customers and business partners, then there is no better concept out there.

And when it comes to fast or slow..., it's up to you. We do have people that has built a significant 6 figure income in a year. We also have people spending a few hours a week, slowly increasing their monthly income from a few hundred to a few thousands a month.

If you are coachable, willing to learn, willing to take action and spend 10+ hours a week, you can go as fast or slow as you want.

But please understand that you will have to work. You cannot sit and watch TV while the money rolls in. In a few years from now, yes, but not in the beginning.

If you are cool with that, we should definitely talk

Is this some kind of crypto, investment thing?

No, absolutely not. This is not a way to invest money. It's has nothing to do with crypto currencies and any of those things. And many of those deals are quite "shady", so say it politely.

If you have some money to play with, it can be fun to put a little bit in one of those deals.

But as for a business..., I like to use my time on something I know will last for decades, where I know I do good for others. Something I'm truly proud of.

That's why I have chosen a real business where the income comes from real people buying real products. And people buy the products month after month because they get real results. Better health, better athletic performance, more energy, younger looks... and more.

And it's 100% natural, still patented so that your customers cannot find anything like this in any store, anywhere in the world.

That's ethical. That's real. That's what I like to be associated with. And if you feel the same way, let's talk.

What if I want to quit?

You can quit anytime you like. No obligations, no long term contracts. In fact, if you want to pause your business for a while, it's just to stop doing stuff.

Your website and online store will still be active. If you have customers or business partners, they may still be buying products. And that means you can have an income even if you have "Quit".

Anyway, if you want to cancel everything, you can take care of that in 5 minutes.

There's no other business that gives you this kind of flexibility! 

Is it a lot of overhead cost to be paid every month?

No! Since probably will work from home and not have any employees, there's no big overhead costs.

I strongly recommend that you spend a little bit of your earnings to purchase products for your own use. It's important to "be a product of your products" in order to be in integrity when you recommend the products to others.

You might also choose to subscribe to some online tools that we recommend, in the range of $50-100 a month.

Websites, logistics, marketing materials... It's all included.

If you choose to attend bigger business seminars, conventions and 3rd party trainings, that will of course be a cost you will have to cover. But that's optional, something you choose to attend if you feel it's giving you great value.

Are you ready to build a million dollar international business from your home, where the only significant business expense is the "salary" you pay yourself? I guess you want that expense to be as high as possible, right?

What do I have to pay for you helping me to succeed?

Nothing! And here's why. If I help you to build a great business with lots of people using the products every month, I will get a commission from the product company. Every month!

So naturally, I WANT you to succeed. I want to invest some of my time, skills and 35 years of experience from this business in making you as successful as possible.

If I can help you make $100,000 a year, that will be good for me too. If I can support you and work with you so you earn $1,000,000 a year, it will be even better.

And here's the cool thing: The same goes for you. In fact, the only way you can be really successful and earn lots of money, is to help others to success. The more you help others to be healthier and wealthier, the better you will do.

It's a win-win concept! You can only win by creating other winners. And we are not only talking money and business here. We also talk about the bigger picture, helping people to regain their health, vitality, athletic performance and younger looks.

The products makes the difference, our income come from people using the products and enjoying the benefits. Month after month, year after year.

So, you don't pay me. You will have access to my training programs and coaching, and lots of other stuff, so you can be as successful as possible. And in return, I expect you to share the same with others so we can service even more people and make the world a better place.

It's a business model based on ethics and caring for others.

​I love to explain more and answer any question you may have about this on the Discovery Call