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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Isn’t it amazing how some people can lift you up with their positive outlook on life? I just had a long talk with a good friend. I knew she have lived through some serious health challenges the last few years, challenges that I believe would have caused many people to give up, become bitter and feel like a victim of life and circumstances.

For years now she has been living with excruciating pain and experiencing very long waiting time for surgery. Would she ever recover? Would she ever be pain free? All the feelings of uncertainty, overwhelmed by the constant pain and losing more energy from day to day.

And in all of this, she never stopped caring about others. Always showing authentic interest for others.

Every time I ask her how she’s doing; she openly and honestly tells me about how she is, but are soon to add that it will be fine. She will overcome this. She will get the energy back. She will be pain free.

She knows it. Deep down she knows it and she tell herself that she will be fine, all the time.

This is not just “positive thinking”. It’s a mindset that she has chosen based on many years of consciously “programming” herself through spirituality, meditation, personal development, books, and the people she has chosen to surround herself with. It’s her personality.

I know that her story will help and inspire so many to overcome challenges, to not give up, to activate the body’s built in healing system. As she says, things in life happens for a reason. I’m sure the reason for her challenges is to help very many to overcome their challenges and live better lives.

I met her through my business. In fact, someone in by business introduced me to someone that introduces me to someone else, and then to someone else, and finally to her. I don’t know where the others are or what they do now, but I thank them for having played a part in me meeting my friend.

I have learned so much from her about how to deal with challenges in life. She’s just a very good person, a person that despite her serious challenges, you feel uplifted after having talked with.

​I know we will be doing great things together, that her story and our common business of helping people to better health and lifestyle will positively impact thousands!

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