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Tuesday, September 05, 2023

10 years ago I would never have believed this is possible. No way!

I have started and built several international technology companies in my career. With offices, lots of employees and investors…..

Today I still run a an international business, a multi million dollar business in 30 countries – but this time WITHOUT employees, investors, inventory, or fixed working hours.

With my PC and phone, and tools like Zoom, email, social media and Dubb I have what I need.

I have to pinch myself to believe it’s true!

Sometimes people ask me “but isn’t lonely to be just you, don’t you miss to have colleagues and be a part of something bigger?”

I am part of something bigger! That’s the beauty of it.

Every day I meet amazing colleagues from many countries. We learn from each other, we inspire each other and we build an even bigger business together. And in a few weeks I will meet hundreds of them in Las Vegas!

The freedom of having my own company with no boss and no employees, working internationally and helping other entrepreneurs to do the same is just…. perfect. For me!

What about you? Have you ever considered starting your own company, maybe on your free time, from home in the beginning?

“But I don’t have a great business idea or the money to start something”….

No problem! That’s where I come in. You CAN be up running with a profitable business in 3 days. From home, beside your normal job, if you want.

And you CAN turn it into a new career, with the freedom and income you desire…., again also if that’s what you want.

​Let’s connect! Message me and I’ll tell you more! Your future self will THANK YOU for having taken this first simple step. Just as I thank myself today for having taken the same simple step some years ago.

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