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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

These desperate words are from a young couple I recently met. They are in their mid-30’s, with two children 4 and 5 years old. City-living is out of their budget, but they are satisfied with a nice apartment just outside the city, close enough to work.

With two salaries, they have done OK. Not quite enough to save up, but they have a decent life and they used to enjoy annual summer vacations.

But now, after two years with the pandemic, things have changed.

Things have become more expensive. Food, gas, clothing… everything! The price of electricity has exploded. News about that the interest rates will increase significantly this year was more than they can financially cope with.

If they don’t get a very significant pay rise soon, they will have to cut back on many things. Things that make life that extra more worth it, like their memory making holidays.

This was not how it was supposed to be. Life was going to be better and easier, not harder. Their dreams of moving to a bigger place when the children start school is fading fast.

And what if one of their cars break down, or the noise from their wedding present fridge is more than just a humm?

It’s scary, and it’s hard to sleep at night worrying about the economy and the future. It seems that many are in the same situation, or even worse.

I asked if they ever considered that their free time could earn them extra income? They both looked a bit panicky thinking they had to work at a bar, wait tables or worse, fold envelopes! I quickly put their minds to ease; “Oh no, that will not solve anything in the long run at all!”

I talked about starting their own home-based business, something they can gradually build up as a couple, during their free time (we all have more of this than we think!). A business that can pay them a few hundred dollars a month in the beginning, and more from month to month.

They said that getting an extra $5-600 a month would mean a lot right now, that it could give them space to breathe with ease.

But only when I told them it’s even possible to grow it to a size that could replace both of their incomes, and even double what they earn today, that they really lit up.

Maybe the dreams of a bigger home, great vacations and money in the bank was possible after all?

Working from home and having more flexibility would also mean they could spend more time with their children, be home when they come back from school, helping them with their homework….

My job is to help them. Not only to get started, but to succeed. To reach their goals. And that’s what I’m committed to do!

Their outlook on their future have changed dramatically. Now they know they will be fine. In fact, more than fine. It’s like a huge weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

It feels great to work with something that works and towards a great goal at the same time. And NOT going at it alone!

​Are you looking for a better future too? I will be happy to provide you with more information to find out if you are a fit for this path to a life with abundant possibilities

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