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Wednesday, August 09, 2023

I looked the text I had just written…. It said “Couple or person 40+ looking for better income to fulfill bigger dreams, to have more freedom and not having to work every day, ready for a new phase in life”

I nodded to myself. That’s a perfect description of the kind of person or couple I like to work with.

People that are open minded and ambitious, likeable and ready for the next phase in life. Ready to travel more, have more fun and like the feeling of CREATING something.

People that do no longer live for their normal job and for being an employee until they retire.

That’s my AVATAR. The people I introduce to a business concept that will give them exactly what they are looking for.

Many are just curious…, and that’s OK.

All change in life start with curiosity. Maybe it’s for them, maybe not. But they never know until they have looked into it, right?

What about you? Are you curious? Are you OPEN for a new phase in life, with more freedom, time and choices?

If so, why not take a look?

​Who knows, a year from now you might look back to today, the day you read this post and took ACTION by asking for more info!

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