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Tuesday, July 04, 2023

Read this if you consider to start your own business!

Over time, the way entrepreneurs start businesses have changed. Today it IS possible to start a business using only a few hours a week, from home, with minimal investments and earn much more than in any normal job or by starting a “traditional business”.

Here’s the evolution of business models, from the oldest to the newest!

🔛The TRADITIONAL model: A traditional business takes time to build, high investments and is very risky. I know, I have done it several times.

🔛The FRANCHISE model replaced the traditional busines model for many new entrepreneurs because it significantly increases the chance of faster success. But it’s still an expensive way to start business, but better.

🔛The NETWORK MARKETING model is a significant improvement of the franchise model. You get all the benefits of a Franchise for an investment close to zero. And you can expand your business with hundreds or thousands of partners in many countries. An amazing way to create an gigantic international business with (almost) no investments, no employees and even get started on your free time. No risk, huge income potential.

✅The NEXT LEVEL MARKETING model is the business model of the future. It COMBINES all the benefits of network marketing with a strong foundation of ethics and putting peoples individual needs, challenges and dreams first. For an entrepreneur with dreams about building a business they will be PROUD of, where they HELP others and DEVELOP themselves as they earn a SIGNIFICANT and GROWING INCOME, this is by far the best model!

​Want to know more about Next Level Marketing and how you can benefit from it to change your life? Message me (see my contact details at the bottom of the screen) and I will send you some info!

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