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Wednesday, August 02, 2023

Doing the job once and get paid every month for years, or maybe for life… Sounds like a dream, right? That’s the beauty of RESIDUAL INCOME! Here are a few ways to create residual income:

  • ​Write a bestselling book that people buy for years to come
  • ​Become a popular musician or songwriter earning royalty when your song is played

  • Own valuable real estate that you rent out

  • ​​Invest smart and collect interests
  • ​Invent something with a big market potential and collect royalties from patents
  • ​See below…

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just write a book, sing a song or have a patent. You need something that thousands of people will buy every month. Most people will never earn enough residual income on investments or real estate. They do not have enough free capital to begin with, and not to mention the risk…

So, if you have a normal job today, or own a business that require you to be at work every day to make money, what CAN you do?

What if you could add a residual income to your current salary? A residual income that can grow and totally replace your job or business income after a while? And what if it can double or 10X your current salary?

It’s all about FREEDOM!

Knowing that the money comes in independent of if you work or not, that’s freedom. Go on a 4-week vacation not having to think about the income. Residual is residual, no matter what you do or where you are.

People don’t stop listening to Elton John on Spotify if he goes on vacation or stop recording new songs….

What if you could build a business on your free time without investing lots of money and turn it into a residual income machine?

What if you could earn money, month after month, based on consumers worldwide using products that significantly better their lives. Products they buy because they feel and crave the results every day!

What if you could do it without having to think about research, production or logistics, that’s just taken care of.

And even better, what if you could do this without finding thousands of consumers yourself, and without having to spend money on marketing or advertising?

Significant residual income is possible – and the FREEDOM lifestyle you really want.

​So, start writing that bestselling book or song today… or message me for information about how you can do it if you are not a bestselling author or songwriter!

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