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What people say about the eBook and the author


I have had the privilege to not only to get a sneak preview of Morten’s book, but to get to know him on this fascinating journey in such a special way.

As you will discover in his book, it is a world filled with opportunity, adventure, challenges, and deep inner transformation. This is where work and life come together and unfold the most powerful version of you.

​​Morten is undoubtedly a shining beacon of integrity, authenticity, and leadership in his field. I have gained tremendous respect for the industry via learning about it through his perspective and his journey!”

Wanda Nowak

Meditation Coach, Germany


I have had the privilege to know and work with Morten for over twenty years. He is an exceptional visionary. Morten has the ability to see the world through the eyes of the person he is helping. He understands how to guide a person through a simple path to great success.

​Morten has great leadership skills. He is a mentor and business coach. But more importantly, he is a great friend to those he has worked with. I would highly recommend Morten to anyone who would like to achieve a new height of success.”

Chris Gullo

Founder and CEO, USA


We have known Morten Andersen for over seven years now. He is inspiring and positive and always ready to help.

Morten is an excellent business coach and a very valuable adviser when it comes to the tools and applications that you need in today’s computerized world.

​He is a superb teacher and lecturer, both online and on stage, with the capability to explain complex matters in a way that you really understand them.”

Seija and Björn Keto

Entrepreneurs, Finland