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Tuesday, October 04, 2022

As a child, my parents told me I can be and do anything I like. There are no limits, other than those you set for yourself.

Yes, of course you will need to work for it, you must change, develop, grow, learn, whatever is needed, but YOU CAN, if it’s important enough for you.

They also told me that whatever I choose to do or be is fine. They just wanted it to be a conscious choice I made, not a choice made by others or the circumstances because I was ignorant or too lazy to decide what I really wanted.

I started out as an engineer in software and hardware design, because I wanted to. I worked hard for it. But I had always had an entrepreneur in me, and after a few years as an employee I took the big step, resigned from my job and started my first technology company.

And that was the start of a career as an entrepreneur. I have founded several businesses, have employed lots of people, and I have also built big network marketing organizations helping thousands to start their way to entrepreneurship.🤗

It’s all about contribution and helping others, and to do what makes me excited and gets my creative juices to flow.

I’m so happy for what my parents told me, that there are no limits, that I can do what I like and want as long as I am willing to do what it takes!

Thank you 🙏

What’s the best advice you have ever received? About life, relationships, business, money, anything that’s important for you!

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