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Wednesday, January 04, 2023

This old Chinese proverb is so true. Over the years I have met so many people telling me that “your business will not work…”, “It’s not possible to sell those products…”, “nobody will be interested…”, and so on.

Still here I am, with a thriving international online business that is changing people’s lives for the better EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have amazing colleagues and we have a great community where we talk business, help each other, and lift each other up so each one will be the best they can be.

Our customers love how they are healthier, feel better, younger, and stronger, 💪 and how they have more energy, vitality and athletic performance! They FEEL and LIVE the real value of what we provide.

Everything starts with BELIEF and MINDSET. Everyone that has told me that “this will never work” is right. For them, that is.

It did not work for them because they decided that it would not work. So, they did not even try. They chose to ignore the facts, for example our 20 years of research and patents, or hundreds of thousands of customers that have got a much better life. They ignore that we are growing every year, including during the pandemic. They ignore it.

What if they had been open to the facts? What if they had taken the time to look into what’s real and been willing to change their beliefs?

If they had, they could have owned a thriving business by now. They could have had a significant extra income beside their normal job, or even an income that had given them the freedom to live the life they REALLY wanted.

I’m so happy that I’m not like that. I’m so happy that I chose to say YES 👍 to learn more when I was introduced to this business some years ago.

I’m so happy for the thousands of people that have a better life now because I said YES. And I’m happy to have Business Freedom. 😇

​What about you? Are you a YES-person or a NO-person?

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